Friday, October 12, 2012

Tattoo Ladies Night at Nightrocker Live, Tuesday Oct. 16th

'Hellblinki has emerged out of the bohemian mountain enclave of Asheville, NC, from which Andrew Benjamin (vocals, guitar, drums, accordion), Valerie Meiss (vocals, accordion, toy piano, ukelele, saw), & JonPaul Hess (bass, keyboard, organ pedals) deliver their signature blend of American folk, European cabaret, punk, and noise rock experimentation.

Hellblinki creates a world from found sound, pirate songs, and dirty south blues. The lyrics are philosophical, the tunes are odd and catchy, and Hellblinki ushers the audience into a grinningly sinister world, not quite like our own. The band has opened for Gogol Bordello, Unknown Hinson, and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, and has toured the country with Voltaire. They have entertained festival-goers & revelers at Dragon*Con, Green Man Festival, and Brooklyn's Hallowmass and Dances of Vice. The trio is embarking on a nationwide tour this fall -- see them in San Antonio at Nightrocker Live on Tuesday, October 16th.' - Bekah / Promo Agency