Monday, September 16, 2013

Bombshell Cheerleader Try Outs at Sam's Burger Joint, Tuesday Sept. 17th

-San Antonio Defenders Minor League Professional Football Comes to San Antonio --   On December 17, 2012, San Antonio was awarded a National Spring Football League (NSFL) franchise. The San Antonio Defenders are the first minor league, paid, professional football team to call San Antonio home.  Everett Hernandez has been hired to serve as Director of the Southwest Region.  Hernandez has been on the San Antonio semi-pro football scene for a number of years.  His success and proven leadership makes him the perfect choice to serve as Director of the Southwest Region.  

Team officials state that the NSFL is purely a developmental football league. "It will pay players a salary while trying to enrich their abilities to further their careers in professional football."  Officials went on to state that the NSFL understands that competing with the NFL is “suicide” and for this reason the league has embraced a role as "little brother” to the NFL.  NSFL officials are committed to providing “its players with quality film playing outdoor football, quality coaching and quality life development programs so they will become better players and better men. Teamwork, integrity and leadership will be a constant theme throughout the players time spent with their team."  The San Antonio Defenders will begin play in the Spring of 2014.     

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