Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rod Campbell's "Celtic Jam" at Olmos Bharmacy, Thursday

Rod Campbell and Ron Wilson are fixtures on the Celtic, etc., music scene.
With their kilts, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, humor and bag full of songs (traditional Irish and Scottish, pirate, the occasional Texas music cover), the duo Campbell & Wilson has, for years, been featured at A Night in Old San Antonio, the Texas Folklife Festival, street fairs and Irish pubs across the state.
For more than two years, guitarist and singer Campbell has spent Thursday nights from 8 until midnight at Hildebrand and McCullough avenues, at the Olmos Bharmacy, playing host to a Celtic session, a jam session with a distinctive Irish accent.
"I'm the ringmaster, or the court jester, whatever you prefer," Campbell said, laughing. "The idea is to relax and have fun with it." - Jim Beal, Jr., SA Express News
All Ages, Free Show