Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Maya Guirao Project at Carmen's De La Calle Cafe, Saturday Sept. 21st

"Looking forward to the new Carmen's but not before first saying a proper goodbye to the familiar creaky floors on 720 E Mistletoe - the sound of a late audience stepping in quietly mid-song, the night that the kitchen phone rang and rang obnoxiously and Jai, to a jam-packed night, made everyone burst in laughter and applause with his reaction, Carlos holding an entire room of music lovers in attention with his impossible solos. These sticky summer nights that have been overflowing into the patio are, hands down, some of our most sacred musical memories and they are bound to this physical location. We've wallpapered its walls with our music over the last 10 years. This last one is going to be some night. Thanks to all of you for making it happen!"

The Maya Guirao Project - "Songs from Around the World"

Maya Guirao - on vocals & guitar
Carlos Treviño - on lead guitar
Jai "Roots" López - on drums & vocals
Daniel Wyman - on keys