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Eric Friedland of Los #3 Dinners met Lou Reed at a Velvet Underground gig in Austin in 1969
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Eric Friedland of Los #3 Dinners met Lou Reed at a Velevat Underground gig in Austin in 1969. (File photo)

SAN ANTONIO -  Musician Eric Friedland came to face to face with Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground in Austin in Oct. 1969 at the Vulcan Gas Company, a rock venue on Congress Avenue.
He was there to see the Velvet Underground (a rare Texas sighting) and to support his friends in the opening act, the Water Brothers.

“We were waiting, waiting, waiting because were all excited, right. They were big heroes of ours,” said Friedland, frontman for Los #3 Dinners whose song “Take a Walk on the West Side” is based on Reed’s 1972 hit.  

“They come walking in the back door kind of, like, in a line led by Lou. He’s No. 1, right. They’ve got the shades on, all dressed in black, pasty-faced lily white skin.”
Friedland tried to make small talk with the surly Reed.  

“He just looked at me and said, ‘(Expletive) off,’” Friedland recounted proudly. “He didn’t even slow down. He just walked past me. At least I got a (expletive) you out of Lou Reed.”
Friedland recalled that the gig was “louder than airplanes” and “touched on subjects that were just taboo.”

Don Evans was in the Water Brothers who opened that Austin show on Oct. 24, 1969.  It was his 20th birthday.

“It was one of the high points of my life,” said Evans, who sings with Ultra. “They just jammed that night. I remember being knocked out by ‘em.”

Reed would make notable returns to Texas.

In March 2008, Reed made a memorable keynote appearance at the 22nd annual South by Southwest Music & Media Conference.

“I’ve got a B.A. in dope, but a Ph.D. in soul,” said Reed who described his early songs as Samuel Beckett-inspired monologues with music.

“Nobody was doing that, and it was kind of a field day,” he added.
In May 2010, Reed made an appearance at the Marfa Film Festival to promote his short documentary, “Red Shirley.”

– Hector Saldana, senior staff writer