Thursday, October 24, 2013

Commercial Shoot This Saturday at Monarch Academy

'Do you own a motorcycle you would like featured in a commercial for the San Antonio Film Commission? Join us this Saturday 1:00 at the Monarch Academy right by Morgans wonderland and the new scorpions soccer stadium. 


Address is: 5235 David Edwards Drive San Antonio, TX 78233
Wardrobe is going to be as bikers so jeans, leather jackets, boots, bandanas, etc. anything close to that will be perfect. The only thing to be careful with is to make sure there are no big logos that are displayed on the shirts so we don't have to worry about copyright.

Concept for the commercial is about actors getting typecast and setup is a traditional therapy session with well known local actors bitching about the same types of roles they always get booked for and what they actually want to play. 

Y'all's segment is with this sweet older lady who's been in movies in town forever but always gets the nice grandma roles and she's saying she wishes she could get the badass biker bitch like you would find in sons of anarchy or something and then we cut to her daydream sequence where you guys come in. Should be fun. See you all this Saturday!'

From The Alamo Beard Club