Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lindsey Pavao, Hero's Last Mission and San Antonio's Lynnwood King (from The Heroine) JAM at Chunky's, Wednesday Oct. 2nd

The Voice Is On a Mission—Singer-songwriter Lindsey Pavao and Hero’s Last Mission Ready for National Tour

(Sacramento, CA)  The Voice is on a mission. Sacramento-based, 24-year old singer-songwriter
Lindsey Pavao, the highly regarded semi-finalist from Season 2 of NBC’s “The Voice,” is going out on her first national tour. Her comrades on this tour is Hero’s Last Mission—a melodic and tough dance/rock band with 4 part harmonies.  Their yang to her refined aesthetic ying might be apropos—and the result is exciting.

Pavao’s fast track story, from college with an upcoming degree in psychology to a friend’s challenge to audition for “The Voice,” to the life-changing affirmation of a real life in music by reaching a national audience  through television, has been the stuff so many young artists dream of.  As her school career started to come to a close, Pavao began to feel like her life was going in the wrong direction. She knew that her true passion was music.  In 2012, Lindsey auditioned for NBC’s singing competition “The Voice”.  To her absolute surprise she made it to the semifinals under the guidance of pop megastar Christina Aguilera.

“The past year has been an inspiration. It has shown me that there is room in the world for art, and changed my perspective on my life,” says Pavao, who looks like a young Natalie Wood, and for boomers--brings to mind Rickie Lee Jones. So following the phenomenal national exposure, she has spent the past year writing and recording her debut album, successfully funded by her $25,000 Kickstarter program---and interestingly, working on local Sacramento alternative station KKDO (94.7) as an on air personality, where her influences—Fiona Apple, Radiohead, and Nirvana—can be heard, along with other new emerging alternative artists.

Hero’s Last Mission has been together since 2006, but the band really jelled with their 2011 album Stay On Course, winning The Sacramento Music Awards for Best Pop Band and Song of the Year (“Baby, You Are Something”) from the West Coast Songwriters Association’ s International Songwriters Contest.
“Early on, we all found out that we sing, so starting with the twins’ natural blood harmonies, finding all the parts just fell into place really easily.” With ripping guitars and big melodic hooks and those massive 4 part vocals, the energy on stage is infectious. The Ruff EP, HLM’s brand new effort is available for a free download at their website.

After meeting at a benefit concert to save a Sacramento city park, Pavao and HLM stayed in touch. Pavao asked Art Padilla, guitarist and also an audio engineer, to work with her recording her debut album, The Symptom. The dual tour with HLM backing seemed the perfect fit for Pavao’s indie rock oeuvre.  “We will do our own set and then back Lindsey on her set,“ said Art Padilla,  of the 5-piece Mexican-American band that sounds part Rob Thomas, part Bad Company, part ‘N Sync.

Says Pavao, “There  is a lot of different dynamics to experience between our music, and we are genuinely excited  to share this live experience with music lovers across the country!