Saturday, October 26, 2013

Marriage (Austin, TX) James Woodard (San Antonio, TX) and Oltre La Morte (San Antonio, TX), Saturday Oct. 26th

Free concert on the Hays Street Bridge (800 N. Cherry)

'This concert is presented by Resonant Interval San Antonio & Heavy Denim.

From a Tiny Mix Tapes review of Marriage’s record For Brötzmann:

Lord, it’s been such a long time since I had this much fun listening to a record…. 

For Brötzmann represents the blessed union of “Shut the Door” bass lines and pounding, measured drum attacks, buttressed by bulbous bursts of noisy guitar and swarms of feedback and FX. There’s an emphasis on consistent noise current, and the rare instances of vocals reinforce the heaviness that’s already implied throughout the rest of the record. At times, when it gets right and roused, For Brötzmann is almost too good to be true, positively stomping down its myriad chord changes and fearlessly tattering the corners of taste and convention.'

James Woodard of The Grasshopper Lies Heavy will be playing a solo guitar and ambient electronics set.

Oltre La Morte is a project of Lance Higdon, which he describes as a “visceral, raw, splatternoise thing intended as homage to classic zombie genre stuff (Romero, Fulci, etc). I will be performing with sloppily-sliced-from-VHS visuals from these kinds of movies…. Total over-the-top fun.”