Thursday, December 26, 2013

Even In Death: A re-birth of Creativity.

Primetime at The Falls: Friday 12.20.13

Walking into The Falls last Friday evening, not knowing what to expect from the group formerly known as Night Train, I sat down with my customary Bud Light and proceeded to witness a stunning display of pure Metal Power and Energy... this was Even In Death.

No longer to be considered a cover band, Even In Death, led by the searing vocals of lead singer Spencer Atchison and pulse-pounding bassist Mark Perez, the group stunned the enthusiastic crowd with round after round of tight wall-rattling, jaw-dropping, ear-splitting Metal Originality that left this observer, frankly, speechless. "What do they sound like?" was the question repeatedly asked of me afterwards in a few forums, both public and private, and my answer was a consistent "Like nothing you've heard before." To try to compare Even In Death to any other rock group, national, regional, or local, would be doing them a disservice. This group is unapologetically loud, brash, and in your face. This is what I've come to expect from finely-honed, energetic, tight, and talented individual rockers who together form one imposing Metal band with a purpose... to alert the city that there is a new standard of excellence in Metal... and it is them.

Catch Even In Death, this coming Friday the 27th for a 10:30pm set at Zombies then New Years Eve at Hemisfair Park in Downtown San Antonio for a 6:30pm show. If what this observer witnessed at The Falls is any indication, there's more to come from this new incarnation of Metal.

Courtesy of:
Michael Anthony Fernandez