Thursday, December 12, 2013

Queer The Cheer Holiday Market, Saturday Dec. 14th

"Join us for Queer the Cheer Holiday Market.

It's going to be a Holiday Mercado featuring local LGBT/Queer artists, crafters & makers, as well as queer performers (DJ, bands, dance, fire & burlesque).

Our mission is to create a unique space that focuses on the many talents of our queer community where artists can share their work and gain recognition, as well as celebrate this festive time of year together as we promote creativity, build community and share our culture!

EVENT DETAILS: Queer the Cheer Holiday Market
Saturday, Dec 14th 5pm - 11pm
Roots of Change Urban Garden and Co-Op
Southwest Workers Union
1416 E. Commerce San Antonio, TX 78205

Anyone interested in bieng a vendor?
Vendor fee: $20 Due Mon. 12/2 must also come to a vendor meeting on one of the following dates: Tues. 12/3 (evening, time & place TBA) Sat. 12/7 (time & place TBA)"