Sunday, December 15, 2013

REO Speedwagon at The Majestic Theatre, Sunday December 15th (TICKET GIVE AWAY COURTESY OF THE MAJESTIC)

Congrats to Antonio Blair and Guest!

Current members:
  • Neal Doughty – keyboards, organ, piano, synthesizer (1967–present)
  • Kevin Cronin – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, additional piano, additional keyboards (1972–1973, 1976–present)
  • Bruce Hall – bass guitar, vocals (1977–present)
  • Dave Amato – lead guitar, vocals (1989–present)
  • Bryan Hitt – drums, percussion (1989–present)
"Formed in 1967, signed in 1971, and fronted by iconic vocalist Kevin Cronin since 1972, REO Speedwagon is a band where the main constant over the decades is a never-ending desire to give their all to their fans, year in and year out.

By the early '70s, the band's unrelenting drive, as well as non-stop touring and recording, jump-started the burgeoning rock movement in the Midwest. Platinum albums and freeform FM radio staples such as "Ridin' The Storm Out" followed, setting the stage for 1980's explosive Hi Infidelity.
Hi Infidelity's millions in sales were fueled by massive hit singles such as "Keep On Loving You" and "Take It On the Run."

Thirty-plus years later, the nine-times certified platinum Hi Infidelity still remains a high-water mark for rock bands; the album spent 15 weeks in the #1 slot, a feat simply unattainable in music today. REO rode the top of the charts with a RIAA-certified 22 million albums sold in the U.S. and 40 million around the globe, with a string of gold and platinum records and international hit singles.

The band has gone on stage and in the studio to work- dozens of albums, thousands of concerts, and countless radio spins. Their eyes have always been on the future and on the road - not a year has gone by where REO Speedwagon didn't perform live, thrilling fans with hit filled sets."

Tickets On Sale Now:
The Majestic Theatre

$40 - $75