Saturday, December 7, 2013

Synergy Art Show at Magnolia Salon De Arte, Saturday Dec. 7th

"Because Change is Life, is the theme behind this show of several artists who participated in their own healing processes and spiritual insights with the art pieces they present. A touch of the soul to touch your soul.

The healing power of art, the restorative power within us all.

A decrepit piano was destroyed with the help of several talented local musicians and some of the sounds recorded and photo documented. The pieces are used to "resurrect" the piano into a sculpture.

The Merz of Shadow Process and Chaos Temple.
Rear apartment has been converted into an alchemical installation that cannot be denied as powerful by Raul Castellanos, a healing environment inspired by monumental works such as the Rothko Chapel and The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors by Alex Grey.

New Works by Starr Hernandez, Laura Galore, Jordan Moonz, Emilio Flores, Mark AnDrew Gelatt, William Kelly, Sergio Sandoval Valenzuela, live art by John Eric Delazerda as well as anyone who wants to build an altar outside or inside."