Friday, February 21, 2014

Calmeca Squad Showcase at The Bottom Bracket Social Club, Friday Feb. 21st

"Join Calmeca Squad as we perform our first show of the Aztec new year Ome Tochtli (year of the Rabbit) at the new Bottom Bracket Social Club. 

We will proudly share the stage with special guest Max, Karim Zomar, and Andrea Vocab Sanderson as they perform music from there newest projects and albums.

Calmeca is a crew of hip hop emcees located in San Antonios barrios. the crew consist of members Dabs Oner, 4Rios, Itzli, Joaquin Muerte. The music involves poetic and profound explanations and expression of pas
t present everyday experiences.

Itzli a native to San Anto with a long history of community activism and involvement with social political organization that uplift the community. Itzli has 2 dope solo albums out that are available for download called Enchilada Wednesdays and Tortilla Curtains. Itzli is also a member of Los Nahuatlatos

4Rios originally from Torreon Mexico to Austin TX and now blessing San Anto with her B Girl maneuvers and microphone skills. With history and teachings in Danza Azteca Mexica, Laura Yohualtlahuiz Rios transmits her knowledge to her hip hop expression. Laura is a member of the Danza Kalpulli Ameyaltonal Tejaztlan

Joaquin Muerte originally from the Barrio of San felipe Del Rio and now living in San Anto. Joaquin has alway fused his knowledge of self into his expression. He has been a hip hop artist since 7th grade and has continued to emcee since. Joaquin is also a founding member of the band Los Nahuatlatos.

Dabs Oner originally from the barrio of San Fe Del Rio now a resident of San Anto. He is a emcee, Bboy and graff artist extraordinaire. Dabs has always been an energetic artist and has pushed his way thru trials and tribulations to become the artist he is now. You can hear a taste of his music here:

The idea of the name Calmeca was taken from the Nahuatl word calmeca ("the house of the lineage", it was a school for the children of Aztec nobility in the Late Postclassic period of Mesoamerican history, where they would receive rigorous religious and military training.

Calmeca members have been involved in Hip Hop (breakdancing, graffiti, djing and emceeing) for over 15 years. Presently they remain involved in activist activities and organizations that involve collaborations with indigenous traditions and urban hip hop culture. The song "Para Ellos" is a song which involves the collaboration of actors, visual artist, and the visually impaired choir.

The superior knowledge of the most elevated parts of the culture were transmitted through art, dance, music, and song. We are Calmeca. We transmit this ancient knowledge through Hip Hop.Tiahui!!

Calmeca is also a part of art Collective called Coletiva Coyoxauqui. This collective does art shows that involve visual arts, music, poetry, teatro."

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