Friday, February 14, 2014

Mixed Media Group Presents; "Exclamations", Valentine's Day

'It's a new era! Valentines has been revamped into a cutting edge experience titled, Exclamations. This event is the exposure of love in its rawest form portrayed through cutting edge Art, Music, and Poetry.

The University Of The Spoken Word™ will be rockin' this event! Featuring: Three-time Grand Slam Poetry Champion Anthony ThePoet, 2-time Grand Slam Poetry Champion Amanda Flores, 3-time National Poetry Slam Ve
teran Anastacio Palomo, PuroSlam Poetry Slam Master Jason "Shaggy" Jason Gossard and introducing Mixed Media's Mieka Gordon!

Experience the interpretation as Poets join forces in creative collaborations with awesome local Artists, including Raul Castellanos, Emily Rose Romano, Erik Pinto, Paul Garson, & Pedro Gomez.

Special Valentine's Day Music Show by Jai Roots!" 

Mixed Media Arts Center
Friday, February 14, 2014
7:00pm ~ 11:00pm
Mixed Media Arts Center
718 N. Cherry
San Antonio, TX 78202

General Admission $15 online/ $20 Door

VIP Reserved Table $50 (online purchase only) Seats up to 4 people
Advanced/VIP Tickets can be purchased at the link below:!event-info

More details/Facebook Event/RSVP