Thursday, February 27, 2014

Slo-Poke at The Ten Eleven, Friday Feb. 28th

"Slo-Poke has been added and this will be their FINAL show! Mt Sherpa

The show we had tonight was cancelled last minute (aka last night). Bullshit, I know. Even more so when it's a show happening at the end of the month and a short month at that. So let's turn this negative into a positive. Instead of just being closed tonight I'll be opening up the bar.

I'm sure most of you already have plans but how about on your way to those plans or after those plans you stop by for a beer or two at our place. It would mean the world to us and help make sure important things like "bills" get paid.

We have new beer. We still have Prairie Bomb!, Vanilla Noir, Coffee Noir. And I'll run some specials.

So come by and keep me company!" All Ages, Free Show - 10:30

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