Thursday, March 13, 2014

High Wire Art Gallery Presents: Swamp Cabbage Trio, Thursday March 13

"The Stew: Swamp Cabbage is the stewed heart of a Florida Sabal palm tree, it is low in cholesterol and a good source of dietary fiber, Vitamins A and C, calcium, and iron. Served with brown rice.

The Movie (10 minute looped documentary): A short vignette of contemporary Florida crackers (early settlers). It seeks not only to tell Florida stories, but to address the growing global contemporary concerns for loss of connection to the land, to animals, to diverse food sources, to community, and ultimately, to ourselves.

The Band.
Swamp Cabbage chose the band name to remind listeners of it’s Northeast Florida well source of inspiration, Swamp Cabbage presents one of the most unique trios on the trail today. Walter Parks (longtime sideman to Woodstock legend Richie Havens) on gnarly fingerpicked electric guitar, New Orleans style drummer Jagoda and by Peter Sparacino unorthodoxly covers the bass role on baritone sax. Florida’s Swamp Cabbage is a high-energy southern soundtrack that’s soaked in the grease drippings of Mississippi blues, Memphis soul, Louisiana jazz and even Appalachia.

Doors open at 7:00pm for the Stew and Movie, The Band begins at 8:00pm. 

$10 dollars at the door. Limited seating. For advanced reservations go to:
High Wire Put swamp cabbage in subject heading, your contact information, and number of persons in message area."