Sunday, March 9, 2014

Open Mic, Sunday Game Day, The Walking Dead and Crazy Cheese Michonne Facial Contest (yes, you read right!) at 502 Bar, Sunday March 9

Join us for the screening of the Walking Dead on 3/9/14 and, immediately following the episode, we will hold the Crazy Cheese Michonne Facial Contest. The rules are as follows:

1. Two people sign up together.
2. The order will be determined by drawing out names randomly.
3. Competing on stage, the team will have one person sitting down or on their knees while the other sprays cheese all over the other's face!
4. The team with the best/funniest performance (reaction, probably) wins the contest!
5. Everyone who participates wins a prize, but only the best wins the grand prize (this will be announced at the bar).

We hope to see you there, tell all your friends regardless if you can make it or not! Zombie Certified! HUAHHH!