Sunday, March 9, 2014

SA Rocks Spring Spotlight - FLYER

“Right now I’ve got guys lined up and motivated, and now it’s just a matter of paying them either through direct investment or ramping up revenue sources.”

With former mentors like David Spencer from OnBoard software 
and David Barnett at Geekdom

Tollinger also has developed relationships with a wide range of experts from Rackspace and local politicians to national musicians, artists 
and business leaders. 

Friends from both Austin and the local events blog, SA Rocks
 also are helping get Flyer off the ground and provide content for 
the site. 
“We’ve built tools that stream events into third-party sites, like SA Rocks Blog, and we feel that will 
have a huge part to play with user acquisition, brand recognition,and developing user patterns 
as we move forward,” says Tollinger. 
The next step for Flyer is building the smartest event calendar on the Internet one that learns what you like a la Pandora and tells you not only where the next fun event will be held, but also invites all the people you care about by tying into social media.
Retox Bar owner Eddie Kauffman calls Flyer a godsend. “A big plus for me, as someone 
who goes to see a lot of live music around San Antonio, is how very easy it is 
 to interact with,” says Kauffman. “ lets you see all the banners and bands information right 
up front with minimum clicking.”
Kauffman’s just one of many adoring fans of Flyer, according to Tollinger.“It’s been one helluva ride so far,” Toll-
inger says."
Published March 7, 2014