Monday, March 10, 2014

Sofia Talvik at J&O's Cantina, Wednesday March 12

"Of all the voices - and man, they seem to issue them at birth to Swedish women - Talvik has the most faith in hers in an "I don’t need a theatrical gimmick" kind of way." - Austin Chronicle

Sofia Talvik has emerged like a lady of the forest, bringing a new interesting side to folk music. She’s playing a unique blend of folk-pop (someone said Neo-Folk). This American genre filtered through her Swedish heritage, becomes something totally unique, a blend that has attracted attention from a broad audience all over the world.

Her combination of modal chord changes and beautiful 60's euro-pop melodies combined with the gentle singing of a 70's folk songstress will make you think of Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, Jewel and Aimee Mann.
During 2011-2013 she made a 1,5 year long tour trough 27 states and did over 250+ concerts in the USA. She is now based in Berlin, Germany and will be touring in Germany and the rest of Europe during 2013-2014.

During March 2014 she will be back in the USA for a month long "Southern Encore Tour" where she will be playing Florida, Albama, Mississippi and Texas.

Sofia Talvik is absolutely freaking gorgeous, and her charming stage presence will draw you in, all the more. Not only is she a great singer, she fingerpicks her acoustic flawlessly, reminiscent of the steady subtle perfection of Nick Drake’s Pink Moon."


 21+, Free Show