Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tommy Pikles Presents: ReptarMania! at Show Warehouse (1223 E. Houston Street, Across From Spaghetti Warehouse), March 22

(A rugrat themed SLIME rave!)

A MASSIVE SLIME rave is coming your way! with all BASS possible on blast!
get ready to go back in time with the rugrats and RAGE! Experience Nickelodeon Slime, just like back in the days! Only this time YOU GET SLIMED, 
You don't want to miss this Unforgettable event! 
*HUGE Dj line up 
* 30,000 watts of BASS
* Electro Light show
* 50+ gallons of SLIME!!! 
* Live dance performers
* Fire spinners
* Fire spitters 
* Co2 Cannons 
* and so much more! 
*LINE UP: (subject to change) 
Andrew Marc Flores (Flo-Rez)
D.j. Crias (CRIAS)
Zach Taylor (Flaic) 
Liam Keim 
Richard KiseOne Cepeda
Deeayegoo Gomez 
Eric Monster Martinez

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$30 (if you can find tickets!)