Sunday, April 27, 2014

The South Texas Popular Culture Center Presents; Fiesta Surf & Turf with King Pelican, Dixie Hammers and Apache 65

"The South Texas Popular Culture Center presents a Sunday afternoon dedicated to San Antonio instrumental surf and garage rock and roll.

This event is free (although, donations to Tex Pop and the bands are gladly accepted).

Featuring: Dixie Hammers (1:45-2:30pm) Apache 65 (3-3:45) King Pelican (4:15-5pm)

DJ sets by Brian Parrish (the Casbah 90.1FM) and Harvey MacLaughlin (Hang out and check the super-cool Bruce Hathaway exhibit!)

Tiny dancers, gremmies, finks, lightweights, and surf nazis are encouraged to stay home." Brian Parrish, The Casbah 90.1FM (Blog)

spaghetti-western instro, surf, and garage rock... real rock'n roll.