Friday, September 12, 2014

Vetter Kids in Impose


No making excuses, time to pick yourself back up.

 | SEPTEMBER 10, 2014

"Hey, shit sucks sometimes. When you’re young, and stupid, and just trying to find your way, life can really let you down. Texas’ Vetter Kids get it, but they’re not making excuses on their new single, “Down Goes The Teenage Hoodlum”. Written for a friend going through difficult times, the track sends a clear warning that’s veiled in love: “Don’t back down.”
Lifted from their upcoming Logan EP, “Down Goes The Teenage Hoodlum” is Vetter Kids’ latest offering; another prime example of the tenacious trio’s ability to make old things new again. The band’s sound is rooted in multiple genres, from grunge and emo to hardcore. An enthralling epic, “Hoodlum” is a slow burn, blending early ’90s grime with the melodic cadence of middle school-era pop-punk. Journeying from a gentle trickle to a full-blown storm and back again within the span of just five minutes, “Hoodlum” ends on a thrilling high, proving it’s never too late to pick yourself up again.
Vetter Kids’ Logan EP is due October 14 on Texas Is Funny Records and Better Days Will Haunt You Records."